Most of Fallcrest’s people are human, with halflings being the next most populous group. Persons from these two races make up all the various walks of life. Humans and halflings farm the countryside, although increasingly farms are being left abandoned as their inhabitants flee from raiders. Some distant farming families have simply disappeared. To the far north, in the Winterbole Forest, are the lands of the Tigerclaw barbarians.

A fair number of dwarves live in Fallcrest, although the nearest dwarven homeland is Hammerfast, a week’s travel distant. Merchants and crafters from Hammerfast travel to Fallcrest to trade or work, lodging in one of the local inns for a few weeks. The dwarves of Hammerfast look to their own first and don’t give away anything for free, but they are honest and industrious.

A small number of half-elves reside in Fallcrest or the vicinity. Most are well-off farmers or herders living in the Moon Hills near the town; the rest are expert artisans—jewelers, tailors, or woodworkers in the town.

Elves are scarce in Fallcrest, but a small number reside in and around the town. An elf tribe known as the Woodsinger Clan roams the eastern portions of the forest. They occasionally trade with the humans of Harkenwold and keep an eye on travelers along the old King’s Road. They have a long-standing feud with the Daggerburg goblins, and the goblins keep to the western parts of the forest to avoid swift and deadly elven arrows. However, the goblins are growing more numerous and have become bolder in recent months.

Eladrin are not often seen in Fallcrest, although some of the old manors in the Moon Hills and the nearby parts of the Vale were once the homes of well-off eladrin families. Few tieflings live in the Nentir Vale, being the subjects of mistrust by the local population.

In the wilderness, orcs, ogres, goblins, trolls and kobolds are known to prey on travelers and those foolhardy enough to make their homes away from the protection of a town.

Beyond the threat of these monsters, there are whispers of other, fouler evils.


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